Lift Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Kind: Restaurant & Lounge

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Welcome to Lift Restaurant and Lounge, a culinary gem located inside the Delta Hotels by Marriott Kalamazoo Conference Center, proudly part of the Inland Pacific Companies portfolio. Situated in Kalamazoo, Michigan, just minutes away from major highways, Lift offers an elevated dining experience that showcases the best of the region. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients and locally sourced food sets us apart, and our menu presents a modern twist on classic Michigan cuisine. Whether you’re a traveler or a local, Lift is the perfect destination. Planning a special event? Let us lift the burden of event planning with our versatile event spaces and catering services. From business meetings to social gatherings, our dedicated spaces and vibrant bar and lounge provide the ideal setting. Indulge in regionally inspired dishes made with the freshest local ingredients, from mouthwatering Michigan pork to delectable grilled Lake Michigan whitefish. Our exceptional service and inviting atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for memorable moments with friends and family. As you savor your meal, enjoy a rotating selection of Kalamazoo craft beers on tap. At Lift, we aim to elevate classic cuisine with a modern twist. Step inside our casual and inviting atmosphere, adorned with aviation-inspired decor, and experience a first-class meal that pays homage to the rich flying history of Kalamazoo. Just as every part of an airplane contributes to generating lift, our skilled chefs, dedicated staff, and carefully curated menu work together to create an exceptional dining experience that will lift your spirits.